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Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle

Longbow Resort invites guests to experience abundant natural Ozark beauty on two square miles of private land. Enjoy a self-guided walking, hiking, biking, or ATV tour on one of our many trails, using property maps provided in each cabin’s guest book to help plan your adventure. If you would like a private custom-guided ATV tour, Ben Pearson III will be your guide, upon request and for a small fee.

Longbow Resort features a three-acre pond attracting Blue Heron, Canadian Geese, a variety of ducks, and plenty of fish to tempt fishing enthusiasts. Beyond our ponds in the distant tree line, Bald Eagles make Longbow Resort their home October thru March, including a nesting pair residing here year-round. Other residing wildlife include a beaver who built his shelter in one of our ponds, and raccoon who frequently visit the cabins. Listen for bustling wildlife in the woods surrounding each of the cabins, hike one of the many trails, or spot deer and turkey crossing our fields.

Longbow Resort offers several miles of private trails for our guests to experience:

Longbow Trail
Longbow Falls Trail
  •  Longbow Falls Trail is a moderate level 5-minute hike to the top of the waterfall. Trailhead hike begins at the Bushmaster Bridge and continues up to the top of the cliff, to the right, and follows the bluff line around to top of the Longbow Cabin and Longbow Waterfall for a spectacular view.
  • Bushmaster Trail is a moderate level 10-minute hike to Diana’s Pool. Trailhead hike begins at the Bushmaster Bridge and continues upstream past the Bushmaster Cabin. Follow the base of the bluff line until the trail ends in the creek at the outflow of Diana’s Pool. Be sure to view the stalagmite formations under the overhang.

    Longbow Bluff Falls
    One of Longbow Resort’s many waterfalls
  • Bois d’Arc and Sovereign Trail is a moderate level hiking and ATV trail. Trailhead begins off the main entrance road to Bois d’Arc and Sovereign cabin. Take the right, travel down hill, and go left to the dry creek bed.
  • Bowyer Trail is a moderate to difficult level hiking and ATV 1.75-mile trail. Moderate until you reach creek, then elevates to difficult. Trailhead begins off main entrance of Longbow and Bushmaster entrance road where power lines go into canyon. This trail follows an old wagon road that crosses the creek a few hundred yards above the Longbow Waterfall. Continue across the creek up the hill for 1/4 mile. Once on top of the hill, trail forks. Keep right until you reach gate (property boundary). Trail continues to the left of the gate and exits onto Hwy. 263.

    Longbow Resort's Bushmaster Trail
    Bushmaster Trail
  • Fletcher Trail is a moderate level hiking and ATV 2-mile trail. Trailhead begins north of barn and continues to waterfall on north side of property. Follow trail to creek bed and up the short but steep hill. Continues along a natural bench to a pine thicket where it forks. Keep right on the bench down to the center of the property. Continue for 3/4 mile until the road forks again. At fork, going right takes you to main road and pond. Travel to green gate and into an open field and back to the main road. Going left at fork takes you to the waterfall. Cross over a natural rock bridge and up the hill to a green gate and open pasture. Stay on the left side of the pasture and travel towards the white water tower on the north side of property to pick up the trail again. Follow trail across two canyons, keep left around the cattle pins until you are back in the woods. Park ATV at creek and continue on hiking trail to waterfall. Hiking trailhead to waterfall is by the creek. Follow creek downstream 1/4 mile to wooden ladder and the base of the waterfall.

Nearby Greers Ferry Lake, with its 40,000 acres of pristine water and 340 miles of wooded and cliff-lined shore, is a deep blue water lake nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks. This expansive playground (Hill Creek Marina is a mere 15 minute drive from Longbow Resort) harbors 8 marinas and is ideal for water enthusiasts enjoying fishing, boating, water skiing, jet skiing, or scuba diving.

Marinas on Greers Ferry Lake:

  • Hill Creek Marina (Smith’s Hill Creek Marina)
    • 500 Hill Creek Rd., Edgemont, AR 72044; (870) 948-2230
  • Dam Site Marina
    • Hwy. 25 N, Heber Springs, AR 72543; (501) 362-2333 or (501) 362-8300
  • Eden Isle Marina
    • 10 Yacht Harbor Rd., Heber Springs, AR 72543; (501) 362-2232
  • Heber Springs Marina
    • 99 Park Rd., Heber Springs, AR 72543; (501) 362-9810 or (501) 362-8838
  • Lacey’s Narrow Marina
    • 7674 Edgemont Rd., Greers Ferry, AR 72067; (501) 825-6214
  • Shiloh Marina
    • 1350 Shiloh Rd., Higden, AR 72067; (501) 825-6237
  • Sugar Loaf Marina
    • 1379 Resort Rd., Higden, AR 72067; (501) 654-2555
  • Van Buren/Fairfield Bay Marina
    • 4350 Hwy. 330 S, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088; (501) 884-6030
Photo via
Greers Ferry Lake. Photo via

The Greers Ferry and Mountain View area provide recreation, entertainment, and leisure for both sport enthusiasts and relaxation seekers. For more information, please contact the Heber Springs (501-362-2444) and Mountain View (870-269-8068) Chambers of Commerce.

Mountain View, a 30-minute drive from Longbow Resort, is recognized as the Ozark Folk Music Capital of the World, featuring Festivals and Music Shows throughout the year. Blanchard Springs Cavern, which lies beneath the Ozark National Forest, showcases the Ozarks’ beauty from within, offering numerous cavern guided tours and cave adventures. For action enthusiasts, Sylamore National Park, north of Mountain View, includes 75 miles of bike trails, zipline, and ropes course, or plan an afternoon floating the nearby White River.




Blanchard Springs Caverns. Photo via
Blanchard Springs Caverns. Photo via
  • Jack’s Fishing Resort
    • Hwy. 5 North, Mountain View, AR 72560; (870) 585-2211
  • Ozark National Forest, Sylamore District
    • 1001 E. Main St., Mountain View, AR 72560; (870) 269-3228
  • Blanchard Springs Caverns
    • NF 54, Forest Rd. 1110A, Fifty-Six, AR 72533; (870) 757-2211
  • Tannenbaum Resort
    • 1329 Tannenbaum Rd., Drasco, AR 72530; (501) 362-3075
  • Lost Creek Golf Club
    • 1104 Industrial Park Rd., Heber Springs, AR 72543; (501) 362-2582
  • Mountain Ranch Golf Club
    • 820 Lost Creek Pkwy., Fairfield Bay AR 72088; (501) 884-3400
  • Loco Ropes (
    • Ozark Folk Center State Park, Park Avenue, Mountain View, AR 72560; (870) 269-6566



  • Janssen’s Lakefront
    • 9999 Edgemont Rd., Greers Ferry, AR 72044; (501) 723-4480
  • Jo Jo’s Catfish Wharf
    • 151 Jacks Resort Rd., Mountain View, AR 72560; (870) 585-2121
  • Café Klaser
    • 1414 Wilburn Rd., Heber Springs, AR 72543; (501) 206-0688
  • Red Apple Inn
    • 1000 Country Club Rd., Heber Springs, AR 72543; (800) 733-2775
  • Prim’s Round Rock Diner
    • 4149 Prim Rd., Prim, AR 72130; (870) 948-2240
  • Prim Gas Station and Grocery Store
  • Bentley’s Cafe
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