Photo by Jeff Newton

The Sovereign cabin, custom-designed and built on the edge of a solid rock bluff line, juts out high above its surroundings. Guests park near the front entrance and meander down a short stone path, entering Sovereign to find massive windows, skylights, and a high-reaching ceiling. With an open floor plan and vast wooded views, this spacious and comfortable cabin’s most unique feature is an interior cliff supporting a second floor with twin lofts shouldered by solid bois d’arc wood trunks. Stone steps leading up to the second floor blend into the cabin’s natural rock formations, while a trickling waterfall shares an alcove with a spacious walk-in slate shower. A private deck and balcony offer a moment of solitude, while the nearby Bois d’Arc and Sovereign Trail leads the way to an Arkansas Ozark outdoor adventure.

Photo by Jeff Newton

Sovereign is a secluded, rustic, two-story cabin easily accommodating 4+ guests. Each of its two second-story lofts houses a semi-private bedroom with queen-size bed, with easy access to two half baths and a custom-designed walk-in shower. The first floor offers a custom-built dining table, hand-hewn bois d’arc wood sofa, and modern tile kitchen with serene outdoor views. Sovereign’s outdoor balcony is perfect for two people, while its expansive private back patio features a four-person outdoor spa hot tub, inviting large groups to relax and breathe in this peaceful spot.

Photo by Jeff Newton


>>11am – Check-out / 3pm – Check-in <<

Sovereign’s amenities:

  • Private deck and balcony
  • Private Sovereign and Bois d’arc Trail
  • Private parking near entrance
  • Private outdoor four-person hot tub
  • Queen size bed in each bedroom
  • Indoor waterfall
  • Custom-built slate walk in shower
  • Flat screen television (DVD only)
  • Radio
  • Charcoal grill
  • Fire-pit
  • Linens
  • Kitchen: Jenn-Air grill stove top, dishwasher, full-size refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, pots, pans, eating/cooking utensils, dinnerware, drinking water

We recommend guests bring:

  • Groceries, drinking water, and beverages (Note: As we are located in a dry county forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages, please purchase all alcohol before arrival)
  • Ice
  • Paper towels
  • Camera
  • Toiletries
  • Hair dryer
  • Insect repellant (Gold Bond lotion)
  • DVDs
  • Extension cord
  • Flash light
  • Charcoal lighter fluid, charcoal, matches, aluminum foil

Cabin capacity:

  • Longbow cabin guest limit of 4
    • One queen-size bed
    • Single couch
  • Bushmaster Cabin guest limit of 4
    • One queen-size bed
    • One full-size futon
  • Bois d’Arc cabin guest limit of 4
    • One queen-size bed
    • One full-size futon
  • Sovereign cabin guest limit of 7
    • Two queen-size beds
    • One single couch

*Any additional guest, provide your own air mattress or cot.

Renting more than one cabin simultaneously:

  • Longbow Cabin and Bushmaster Cabin are conveniently located a short walk from each other to accommodate guests wishing to rent two cabins simultaneously.
  • Bois d’Arc Cabin and Sovereign Cabin are conveniently located a short walk from each other to accommodate guests wishing to rent two cabins simultaneously.
  • Longbow Cabin and Bushmaster Cabin are located 2 miles away from Bois d’Arc Cabin and Sovereign Cabin.

Please be aware:

  • No washer or dryer available
  • No Wi-Fi available
  • SMOKING NOT PERMITTED inside the cabins
  • Longbow Resort cabins are not wheelchair accessible
  • Be advised: Children must be watched carefully due to each cabin’s unique design, setting, and Longbow Resort’s natural surroundings

“Leave No Trace”:

We ask guests to respect Longbow Resort’s natural surroundings and abide by the “Leave No Trace” seven principles: 1) Plan ahead and prepare. 2) Travel and camp on durable surfaces. 3) Dispose of waste properly. 4) Leave what you find. 5) Minimize campfire impacts. 6) Respect wildlife. 7) Be considerate of other visitors.

The Leave No Trace Center for outdoors ethics promotes enjoying the outdoors responsibly. Please do not take rocks/wood from, or mark trees on, the Longbow Resort property. Abiding by these Leave No Trace recommendations will help us preserve and maintain Longbow Resort’s pristine landscape for future generations and guests. For more information, visit www.LNT@org.

Cell phone service:

There is no cell service at the Longbow and Bushmaster cabins due to their locations deep in the canyon. To make a successful cell phone call, you must travel up out of the canyon to the top of the first hill. Cell service is adequate near the Bois d’Arc and Sovereign cabins, if you have ATT as a service provider. (ATT service is the most reliable on the property.) For your convenience, messages can be relayed to all visiting guests by calling us at (870) 948-2362.

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For reservations or to schedule a visit to Longbow Resort, contact the Pearson family by calling (870) 948-2362 or emailing

Our mailing address is:

Longbow Resort

P.O. Box 66

Prim, AR 72130

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